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What would Jane Austen do?

12. January 2009

If Jane Austen were on Facebook, it might look something like this.

I’m not usually much for historicals. I find the plot is often secondary to the setting and clothes and mannerisms, and I find the humour often tedious, if it’s there at all.
But I’ve started reading The Luxe becaue, well, everyone’s reading it, and I bought it as part of my e-book splurge in November (when I thought I’d have time to read at the end of the year, ha!). it’s addictive in the way that Gossip Girl is. I don’t know whether I like it, but I keep reading, almost despite myself.
Once I put the book down for the night, I wasn’t sure whether I enjoyed what I read and whether I’d pick it up again. It didn’t keep me up all night, but I think I’ll finish it, because it’s a nice read, and as I said, has that crack candy quality.

I’m still looking for good snow YA. Why is there not more snow YA? Go write me some, if you’re out there.

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