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21. January 2009

I just spent a huge amount of money (for me at least) on vanity products. Lip balm, to be precise.
I’m usually not one for make-up and the like (it comes with rarely going out, and being at kung fu so many nights a week), but lip balm is my one weakness.

I’m very picky about what I like ina  lip balm, and my current tub of yum has serverd me well. It’s coconut flavoured and very smooth. Unfortunately, it also makes my lips white. Not the best look.

I was listening to one of my favourite podcasts, Colleen Patick-Goudreau’s Food For Thought, and she was tlaking, amongst other things, about tea-flavoured lip balms.

Tea. Flavoured. Lip Balms.

Oh the excitement! Of course I had to check out Crazy Rumors, and oh my goodness, do tehy have awesome flavours! From Amaretto to peppermint candy cane, from mocha to earl grey, there’s something for everyone. Well, if you like crazy lip balm flavours, that is. I ordered a bunch (to justify the shipping cost) and now I’m excited!

Chai flavoured lip balm. This had better be as good as I think it is.

Now you. Yes, you! Do you use lip balm? Or are you one of those magic people that can wear lipstick and have it stay on for longer than it takes to put on your shoes?
What makes a good lip balm in your world? Do you have a flavour preference? Secret tips?

Share the smoochy goodness.

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