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Moving to Google

27. January 2009

I used to use different web applications to do different things for me, but I find myself wishing more and more that I could jsut keep everything in one place and deal with it from there.

I used to use Yahoo back when it was still a small, fledgling place for people to gather (hands up if you remember internet in the early to mid-90s!), but since then, I’ve diversified. It happened gradually, without me really paying much attention to it at all. But now it’s time to declutter my online life.

Enter Google. 

I didn’t set out to find another catch-all. I’d been disappointed before, lost in the endless customisations and ‘time-saving’ (hah!) applications, endless to-do lists, reminders and whistles and bells.

But I’ve given in. So now I’m moving virtual house and there will be a bit of dust.

Oh, the main reason I’m doing this? Turns out Bloglines has been losing my favourite feeds. And here I was wondering why all my friends had gone on blogging hiatus!

So sorry if I’ve seemed out of touch with my non-commenting self. Blame it on the web. *Always* blame it on the web.

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  1. dianecurran permalink
    27. January 2009 10:08 pm

    The only problem I find with Google Reader is that I’ve subscribed to so many blogs, I often don’t have time to read them all, let alone leave comments as well.

    But I’m not aware that Reader has not told me about any updates.

  2. Jonathan permalink
    28. January 2009 12:14 am

    Bloglines is having a blip because they are moving to a completely new system ( – I have been trying it out, and actually prefer it to Google Reader.

    Great blog btw.

  3. 28. January 2009 12:37 pm

    Thanks for the heads-up, Jonathan.
    I’m curious. What about the new Blogger do you like better?

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