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Heat wave

29. January 2009

I have a beautiful plan of getting work done. It involves editing one book and writing a second. It involves some outlining and quite a bit of reading.

It does not, however, involve 45′ C heat (that’s 113’F), which our air con (which I suspect may have been built before I went to primary school) lowers to a comfortable 32’C. This is not a suitable work environment, at least not in my world. I don’t do well in heat. I mean, really do not do well. Think fainting spells that leave me with a lump on my forehead. Think being too sick to eat. Think dehydration.

Also, I have no more cold water. Our cold water system is heated up so nicely that you could almost make tea with it. Okay, not quite, but it was hot enough that I had to wear gloves when doing the dishes. Ugh.

I look forward to 10pm. At least it’ll be cool enough outside that I can go shopping, hopefully.

And my books still haven’t rocked upeither. Grrr.

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