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10. February 2009

If you blog on your own and there’s no one there to read it, have you said anything at all?

Most blogs have a very small readership. A lot of blogs have interesting things to say, at least occasionally, and at least to a certain segment of people.

But finding blogs that appeal to you, or even just posts you enjoy, can be difficult.

That’s why group blogs are usually more successful than one-blogger-shows and why cross-referencing has become so popular.

One of my favourite features of using Google Reader is the fact that people in your address book can share blogs with you and vice versa. I love seeing what other people think are interesting, fun, or just noteworthy blog posts, and I love sharing in return.

So if you’ve been thinking about using a blog catcher, or are game to switch, consider Google, and sahre some blog posts with me. ^_^

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