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Wouldn’t you rather be skiing?

12. February 2009


Of course the Victorian bush fire are on everyone’s mind. What’s with the crazy arsonists?
It’s a strange, strange world we live in…

In true escapist fashion though, I’ve been craving, what else, some snow to ski around in. Most of my original snow buddies have abandoned me (and all of them are headed to Asia, is there something I should know??), so this year’s snow trip is going to be even more interesting than usual.Yay Happy Snow!

But since that’s months away, I needed something to tide me over. I know, video games!
The game is We Ski (or Family Ski, if you’re in a PAL region), and in my opinion, it’s another one of the great underrated casual games out there. It’s bright, it’s fun, and it satisfies my snow cravings at least temporarily.

Sure, standing ona  white plastic board in your lounge, holding a remote and nunchuk doesn’t much feel like zipping down the icy slopes, but you can dress up your avatar and you can warp all over the mounain if you don’t want to enjoy the scenery from a chair lift.

monkeys and penguins and snow bells, oh myThere are some cute mini games that get you to explore the mountain and really get to know the slopes.
I’ve been putting in some serious hours, and I’m having a huge amount of fun with it.

Has anyone out there played this game, or am I all alone in my goofy love for snow, penguin suits and secret monkey locations?

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