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Dying internet

13. February 2009

I can feel my internet dying slooooowly today. It probably has something to do with the digging further up the road. Or the nexus point. Or maybe people just browse a lot today.

Fridays are my busiest day of the week. It’s when most of my schedules collide as I try to meet my weekly targets so I don’t have to cut into my week-end (aka Sunday, since Saturday is all-day kung fu & lion dance day).

This means I have to do things for my writing, my promo, the two volunteering jobs I took on *and* clean the house. Yeah, no guesing which one is the worst of the lot.
To top it all off, my cat needs attention. A lot of attention. So all other work will have to wait while I try and appease Her Majesty.

What day of the week is busiest for you? Why?

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  1. 15. February 2009 10:12 am

    Mondays are my busy day. It’s the day I have the most work to do and then Japanese class later in the day.

    I was quite busy yesterday also. While my Mac was setting up I started writing a script for a YT video. Next weekend will be filming. Looking forward to it.

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