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A glowing review for Enter The Parrot

20. February 2009

For those of you who’ve asked for review copies, I’ve sent most of them out, so it shouldn’t take long to get them to you (unless you opted for the green, paper-free version, in which case, you already have it!)

I got another review from the gorgeously clever Miss14.
She says:

This is a very interesting, mind-blowing book that will give you chills and melt your heart at the same time. If you like a good martial arts book mixed with a bit of the romance, this is the book.

High praise indeed! She also talks about my two heroes, Cedric and TF.

Cedric (insert sigh here) is the typical blue-eyed, blonde-haired hottie who falls for Jade. He is all for saving the planet and thinks Jade is the “…most beautiful girl he has ever met.”

TF is a sexy, mysterious and muscled protector who is an absolute bad boy and makes you want your own TF. I know I want a TF. He helps Jade when asked and also falls for her.

Read the full review here.

Pre-order your copy of Enter The Parrot now from The Wild Rose Press or your favourite bookstore. And if you’re looking for more Climbing Rose Young Adult reads, pop on over to our blog where we talk about books, romance, and of course, boys!

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