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Conference News!

3. March 2009

RWA’s 18th National Conference

Sebel and Citigate Hotel, Brisbane 
14th–16th August 2009

Hot August NightsConference news went up last night!

After a bit of an early-bird panic about the hotel, things are finally settling down.

People, if you attend a conference organised by a large group, check with them to see if they’ve reserved room blocks.

Some eager beavers were trying to get in asap and rang the hotel. The hotel staff cheerfully informed them that the hotel was almost booked out for that weekend. of course they were. By RWA!

So book your rooms through RWA’s service. You’ll get a better deal, and you get the better rooms. ^_-

Still deciding whether it’s worth attending this year’s conference? Why not check out the site and see for yourself?

Not only does this year feature an extra intensive workshop program more closely modeled after the US national conference, they also have TWO agents and TWO editors taking your pitches. That’s huge, people!

I for one can’t wait to go. If you’re mad keen, you can also check out the event on Facebook and MySpace.

So be there or miss out on the Aussie romance writers’ party of the year. And can you really afford to miss out?

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  1. 3. March 2009 2:15 pm

    Great conference line-up!! Want to go, want to go…. hope can go.

  2. 6. March 2009 9:03 pm

    I’m going….will be fantastic.

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