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The wisdom teeth saga continues

17. March 2009

Two more days until my hospitalisation, and quite frankly, my nerves are rattling.

Not because I’m worried about the procedure. General anaesthetic means I don’t have to be there when it happens. But when a doctor promises you that you’ll “probably be in pain for up to two weeks” when common anecdotal wisdom puts it at one, you know your teeth are in special shape.

The other give-away is when your doctor wants your teeth in a medical textbook. Uh, yeah…


At least I’ve got the money together to actually pay for the stupid procedure. Thank you, private health insurance, for offering a laughable amount of rebate ona  several-thousand-dollar surgery. So glad to see that I’ve paid more in premiums than they will be returning to me. Harumph.


So in short, I’ll be away for another week. I have a 10-book pile of TBR, a book to edit from start to finish and all of Heroes to rewatch. Yeah. I’m set for a week on the couch, snuggling a bag of peas.

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  1. 17. March 2009 11:20 am

    Medical textbook – ha yes, that makes you feel great doesn’t it.

    But rest up, read your books, take plenty of pain killers, and watch your DVDs.

  2. 18. March 2009 9:45 pm

    Well, on the plus side, your teeth will be famous.

    Yeah, I guess that really isn’t a plus side after all.

    So how long will you be in the hospital? Just the day or will it be an overnighter to be on the safe side? Let me know if you need anything transport wise and so on.

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