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Back from the dentist

20. March 2009

Going to hospital was surprisingly okay.

I got there early and had a stroll around mansion-dotted Kew, always a nice treat. The hospital itself was a bit of an eyesore, but hey, since when do they build nice hospitals, right?

All the staff were really nice and I had a bed with a window view of, uh, bluke skies and some treews. Could’ve been worse.

Good thing I brought a book though! I was lying around for 2 1/2 hours before theanaesthesist of the day came to check me out. Then another hour and a bit, and I was finally off to the creepy downstairs part of the place. What is it about hospital corridors that makes it so inherently creepy?
They always remind me of that second Dorothy of Oz movie where she’s strapped to her bed and being wheeled down the hospital corridor…

I was the last one in my room to get down to the theatre, and once I was in the waiting room, a creepy dentist-looking holding pen where I was asked over the course of the next half hour whether I was any of four people that had apparently been parked elsewhere, including one woman waiting to give birth.
Okay, so my blue hospital gown wasn’t the most flattering garment in the world, but c’mon, did I really look 9 months pregnant?

Finally, my anaesthesist discovered me with a “There you are!” while someone behind him yelled, “Is that the last one then?”

It always inspires confidence when the people about to operate on you would rather be at lunch…

They wheeled me into the king room of creepy, which featured two massive satelite dishes pointed directly at me. and a lot of people in white bustling around. Lots of beeping machinery with their blips and beeps and whoowhoowhoo.

Okay. Good thing I only had to lie here.
Getting the IV in was surprisingly painful, probably because the old guy pushing the needle in didn’t look at my hand while he was doing that. Uh-oh. Supreme confidence, or hungry?

“We’re putting you under,” he told me wheezingly while the nurse (I liked her!) smiled down at me and put on EKG patches (or something). “Should take 20 seconds.”

Right on cue, I felt dizzy, like a fainting spell. “Oh great, I…”

…woke up in my room (I think. Maybe I was awake for the trip back, I don’t know), really bright awake. Pop! Like a lightbulb. I felt cheery and surprisingly good. I noticed I was now sporting the attractive white netting around my face that my fellow roomies also had (we were the wisdom teeeth room, evidently), but I wasn’t in pain, so life was good.

I texted The Boy to come and pick me up, then grabbed my book. The whole procedure had taken less time than the waiting beforehand.

The nice nurse brought me apple juice and chopped peaches. The latter proved to be a bit of a mean touch (they had run out of purreed fruit). Try eating peach pieces without being able to chew them. No fun.

My whole lower face was completely numb, cheeks, lips and tongue, so maneuvering anything into my mouth was a strange experience. Set cup to where I remember mouth to be. Push down lip a little. Tilt back to what I assume to be a small sip. Take away cup, hope lips are closed, try swallowing. Aha! Sudden juice appearance in back of throat. Check chin for dribble, repeat.

I managed to get through the apple juice and a jug of water without soiling myself while my hand enjoyed a tasty IV lunch. Got my book and felt mighty good.

The poor girl in the bed opposite me had a much harder time of it. She looked groggy, wasn’t quite coherent, and told the nurse (with great difficulty) that she was still in pain. Fortunately, she had her mum with her. She’s a very lovely mum, too.

By the time The Boy arrived, my nurse had confirmed that I was indeed awake, alive and well. Checking out was pretty quick, and this time I wasn’t the last to leave. I hope my poor roomie got better soon, and that at least her recovery will be better.

Armed with fresh ice packs in my face net and some serious pain medication, we were headed home on the bus.

Now I’m home with two kinds of pain killers, some disgusting mouthwash, and chipmunk cheeks. I’m doing surprisingly well, too. The pain is just dull, and the bright yellow pain killers seem to cover it nicely. The bleeding has stopped in three out of four sockets (as far as I can tell, I’m not probing around in there!) and I’m not hungry. Reeeaaaaallly grateful for not being hungry.

It took until about six am this morning for the numbness to go away to the point where I feel confident with a water bottle, and now all the numbness is gone, except for parts of my cheeks that are probably best left numb.


What puzzles me a bit is that I don’t know what to do next. The dental surgeon didn’t talk to me after the op, and I have no follow-up anything. I assume that if they wanted me to do anything, they’d have informed me, right?
I thought there would be something in the discharge literature, but hat only told me about how to take the pain killers.

Uh, I’ve had tooth pain since November. I’m sure I know how to take pain killers.

Oh well. Let’s hope all just goes smoothly and there will be no more worries.

For now, it’s yellow pills, white pills, water, sleep and reading. Rinse and repeat as needed.

And if I get hungry, The Boy of suprememe loveliness brought me ice cream last night while I was asleep. ^_^

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  1. 20. March 2009 1:22 pm

    Glad it went all OK Kiki. Keep up the good spirits – rest, read, take your painkillers, and if you’re unsure what to do next, just get The Boy to ring the surgeon’s office to check 🙂 BTW – he gets heaps of points for getting you that ice cream.

  2. dianecurran permalink
    20. March 2009 6:21 pm

    strange that they didn’t give you any post-op care instructions. I got that last time I had an extraction in the chair. Glad you are home and everything went well, even if you do look like a chipmunk. It’ll be worth it in the end.

  3. 22. March 2009 12:32 pm

    Glad to hear all is going well. You’ll be back on solids in no time. And yay for surprise sleep ice cream. “V” sure does know you well.

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