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Monday Meme: 7 Sevens

23. March 2009

(found at

Seven things to do before I die:
1.  visit antarctica
2.  learn to meditate
3.  make peace with the past
4.  change someone’s life for the better
5.  finish the damn book
6.  write another book
7.  read more books

Seven things I cannot do:
1.  be alone in my head without distractions
2.  keep a clean house for more than a day
3.  eat animal products
4.  skip breakfast
5.  play FPS games 9unless they’re very arcade-y and we’re playing 2-player co-op)
6.  stay on top of my gardening efforts
7.  go to the market and not buy something edible

Seven things that attract me to a guy:
1.  quirky humour
2.  sense of adventure
3.  reading
4.  pretty eyes
5.  knowledge (the more random and widespread, the better)
6.  spontaneity
7.  caring

Seven things I say most often:
1.  youknowwhatimean?
2.  duh
3.  c’moooooon!
4.  okaaaay… 
5.  talk to me
6.  What are we having for dinner?
7.  Ryoko! (this one comes in a variety of tones)

Seven books I love:
1.  The Neverending Story
2.  Momo
3.  Neverwhere
4.  Uglies
5.  Little Brother
6.  Veganomicon
7.  The Asian Vegan Kitchen

Seven movies you watch over and over again:
(I’m not big on movies, so I’m doing TV series instead)
1.  The Simpsons
2.  Heroes
3.  Iron Chef
4.  Nadesico
5.  Bubblegum Crisis
(okay, 2 movies/movies series then)
6. Star Wars trilogy

7. The Matrix

Seven people/groups I want to join in, too:
1.  all kung fu mates who read this blog
2.  my fantabulous crit partners
3.  my RWA friends
4.  YA writers who blog
5.  people who know me from somewhere other than writing or kung fu
6.  people who love memes but never get tagged
7. you.

2 Comments leave one →
  1. dianecurran permalink
    23. March 2009 6:03 pm

    meaning to meme right now.

  2. 24. March 2009 6:17 pm

    I’ll have to do this at sometime Kiki. BTW – blog is looking great. Love the banner!

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