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Wednesday Writing Roundup

25. March 2009

Thanks to my teeth recovering, I haven’t been doing much writing lately. In fact, I haven’t written anything in about a week now, and it feels strange, like my days are incomplete.

I’ve taken this break very deliberately, mainly because I didn’t want anything scheduled during time of recovery. But today I’m back on track with my writing, which means I finally have to wrestle with the dreaded synopsis of The Book That Will not Die.

I know once I get stuck into it, it’ll be fine. Like jumoing into an ice-cold lake, once you’re airborne, it’s not so bad, and once you get over the shock of freezing, it might actually be quite pleasant.

But that jumping-off point…


What about you? Do you love writing synopses? Do you write them before the book? After the first draft? Only once someone (your editor/agent) makes you?
How do you go about it?

*sigh* I used to love writing synopses. Up until this book.

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