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Thursday Talk: the teeth saga

26. March 2009

I am sooo hungry!

After a week of basically liquid foods (and a few veeeeeery mushy ones), I am constantly cranky and hungry. And I have no energy for anything except lie around on the couch and read.
You know howkoalas just hang around in trees all day not doing much? it’s because they don’t have spare energy.
I am the koala of reading.

On the plus side, it means those 5 books (for $10!) I bought on Sunday are no longer exploding my TBR shelf. I’ve managed to read about 1-2 books a day, and that’s been a very cheery prospect.

But back to the teeth and the food.

Should you ever find yourself ina  situation where you (or someone close to you) is on a forced no-chew diet, here are a couple of things I made that worked well (and a few that didn’t):

  • ice cream. My world would be a very dire place without So Good soy ice cream and some choice sorbets
  • semolina pudding/cream of wheat. This gave me flashbacks to being 3 years old. It’s a baby staple where I grew up.
  • red bean soup. Sweet and nutritious, this Chinese dessert became a go-to staple when I needed something more substantial than ice cream
  • soup. I’m not huge on soup, especially pureed ones, so after two days of vegetable soup, I was so over it, I looked for any and all alternatives. My vegetable soup was made up of lentils, potatoes and celery, mainly, because that’s what I happened to have on hand.
  • congee. I’m not very good at making congee, but it was still a fun go-to food. Bland and simple and nourishing, it was the first food I made for myself once I felt like eating at all.
  • mashed potatoes. I made them with lots of soy milk and not-butter for that extra comfort taste. not very nutritious, but at that stage, I was beyond caring
  • venn pongal. It’s Indian congee, in a a way. I had to blend it up to eat it, but the flavours were a great variation.
  • mango jelly. Hooray for Asian jellies that are not made with dead animals, is all I can say.

Things I haven’t made yet but am looking forward to

  • banana pudding pie, a recipe thanks to the vegan freak forum
  • gnocchi. Can’t eat em yet, but I expect they’ll be high on my list of soft but chewy foods
  • guacamole. As soon as I can figure out what to have it with.
  • lotus seed buns. Again, not quite yet, but they’re going to be on my soft-with-sbstance list of foods.

Now if you’ll excuse me, it’s time for more tea. tea has been my lifesaver throughout this whole ordeal. Cna’tbe starvingly hungry while drinking copious amounts of tea!

  • mango
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