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Thursday Talk: Your web presence

2. April 2009

Who are you online? Do you have a MySpace? Facebook? Twitter account? Website? Blog?

The way swe connect with each other can range from the simplest of emails to direct but distant friends to a full-on virtual identity across several social networks.

For writers, the question of image becomes important. Who are you while you are online?
After all, authors become public people,a nd anyone who wants to Google you can find out about your blog on Russian ’60s crochet styles or that Facebook group you started about hating purple vetetables. 

Sure, you could write under a pen name, but really, how hard is it to find out an author’s real name? It can be as straight-forward as checking the copyright notice in a book jacket. Or, again, a simple Google search will give you the answer.

If it’s online, people will find it.
And what if it’s not something as inoccuous as your dog’s personal blog or your character’s Twitter? What if it’s photos? Videos? An embarrassing past?

While you may be after the free publicity an uncovered “scandal” might bring, think about what you’re putting out there. now. Before you hit it big.

Because whatever you post, tweet, flickr or put on your space, tube or blog, it’ll come back eventually.

Is it the image you want to portray?


What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever found out about someone’s online life? Has anyone ever found out something about you online that you didn’t want them to know? 

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  1. dianecurran permalink
    2. April 2009 11:29 am

    I’ve had people I don’t want to talk to track me down and online, subscribe and then go away.

    I’m very careful about what I publish online, but then again I’m not too wild anymore. I certainly don’t identify my employer or talk about the day job in any identifying detail online. Because if I did and someone read that, then I’d have to kill them. Wink!

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