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Friday Fun: Strolling Pets

17. April 2009

If you’re a cat minion, have you ever felt jealous of those people who could just tag a leash onto their dogs and take them out and about?

Never fear, cat strollers are here.

You could go for a stylish pink SUV, or even a double-decker, if you want to take out more than one feline at a time.

Or get the classic model and hope your kittens get along.

This is just so bizarre. I mean, cats aren’t natually suitable for walks. they are not long-distance wanderers as a general rule, and they certainly don’t travel in packs.

I like the idea of being able to take my cat outside in relative safety and confinement (not having a car, I walk my cat to the vet and the cat hotel, and they’re not fun walks for sure), but I’m not sure I would add regular walkies to the week.

Look at the cats in the picture. Don’t they look absolutely terrified?

Forcing cats to be outdoors without a place to hide and take in the scene just seems so cruel and weird and unneccessary to me.

You tell me. Why would you want to take your dcat for a walk? She’s not getting exercise. She’s not outside in the way she wants.

Why would you get a cat stroller, and where would you take your cat?

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  1. 19. April 2009 11:07 am

    I could see this being useful ONLY to people who don’t have a car but need to transport their cats somewhere. BUt since that only happens maybe once a year on average it’s probably cheaper to just put the cat carrier they already have into a shopping trolly.

    Seems to me that if you want to take your cat for a walk then you should have gotten a dog.

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