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A new review!

17. July 2009

Check out this review by Novel Teen Book Reviews.

Here’s an excerpt:

Enter the Parrot reads like a movie, and I think Hollywood needs to get on the case. Jade’s character is funny and sarcastic. I absolutely adored her family dynamics, being the white girl in the Wong family. The other characters in the book are unique and entertaining. My favorite being TF, of course, the tall, dark, and mysterious young man Jade keeps running into in her search for more clues.

Want to know what else they had to say? Make sure to stop by their blog, and while you’re at it, check out their other reviews, too.

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  1. Diane Curran permalink
    17. July 2009 4:27 pm

    I like the line “Kiki Lon is the best thing to happen to teen fiction in a long time.” and she’s waiting for book 2. So when is book 2 happening? After all, there is a unfulfilled promise of all kinds of sin and I’d like to see it fulfilled.

  2. 18. July 2009 2:53 pm

    Great review Kiki.

  3. 4. February 2013 2:59 am

    Also called “Elke’s Erotic Nights”, Shauna O’Brien comes through as a sexy relative, who combines her sexual prowess with a little bit of real-life advice. The family is in turmoil: the father is having trouble getting his kids to like his new, younger wife; the son can’t find it in himself to tell his father he wants to be a photographer and not a lawyer. Griffin Drew plays the undersexed stepmother (wow, she’s pretty young to be playing a stepmom, isn’t she?), and Lisa Boyle is cast as the slutty, promiscuous teenager (??? Huh? Isn’t she like 25?). Nothing’s going right in this house, but Elke comes to the rescue and saves the day. She gives the stepmom a great workout in the bathtub, teaches the teenage slut not to spend every waking moment on her back, and after having sex with the father, gives him sound advice on getting in touch with his wayward son. It’s like Elke is the advice expert all the guys would want to know. She’ll tell you what to do….after she has sex with you! A very well thought out movie, not your standard B-movie fare.

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