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~upcoming YA projects~

Buddha Babes 1: Kung Fu Kittenskick-ass urban fantasy YA

status: outlined

Apple Bai is an ordinary girl with an extraordinary amount of bad luck. When she stumbles into the clubroom of the Buddha Babes, one of the elite cliques at school, she is thrown into a strange world of demons, deities and dating policies.

Not only are the Babes expected to learn martial arts (disguised as bands class), they also wanted to go out and fight demons!

Obviously there don’t care what this does to a girl’s manicure. As Apple delves deeper into a world she never knew existed, she faces danger and intrigue while discovering disturbing secrets about herself, her friends and family. And here she thought all she’d have to worry about was in advanced GPA.

Valkyrie Book 1: Odin’s Girlcyberpunk YA series
status: first draft

It’s not exactly a sweet sixteen for cyber punk chick Brie when she accidentally turns her school’s golden boy into a zombie.
But it turns out that zombie-creating powers are the sign of the Valkyries, the It-girls at school. And now Brie is one of them, mechanical power suit, monster-fighting sword and all. But when your choice could determine the fate of the world, which gods would you choose?

got kung fu Book 2 – Crouching Snowplough, Hidden Mogul – teen kung fu romance
status: first draft finished

Jade, the white girl in the Wong family, has bigger problems than her absentee eco-warrior boyfriend and her dark and dangerous protector-slash-hot temptation. She’s spending the winter holidays in the mountains, living the life of a Shaolin monk, cold water from a well and all. And only steps away from one of the best ski resorts in the country!
Kung fu or snowboarding, can you really make a girl choose just one?

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